Roaccutane – Last Chance Saloon

Hey Ladies,

As some of you may know from following my blog or my rant on twitter I have bad skin. I’ve had severe acne since I was thirteen years old and since turning 21 have decided to take medical advice to try and rid myself of it.

I’ve tried every skincare regime, gadget, magic potion and over the counter medication out there. I’ve also had numerous creams, topical lotions and antibiotics from the doctor. I’ve cut out things rom diet, tried different forms of exercise and took the drastic step of doing nothing at all. Nothing has worked in the long term and to say that at 21 I’m tired of it would be an understatement. I’m sick of the scarring, the constant redness and the discomfort, both physical and mental.

For other health reason I have not been able to try roaccutane before now. I am fully aware of the long list of possible side-effects but as someone who is at the end of their tether I’ve reasoned that if I don’t try I’ll never know. I can not explain how much it would do for my self esteem to be able to wake up in the morning and not want to cry at the mirror.

I’m going to document my progress weekly on this blog because I think some of you might be interested. I’m also asking if anyone has experience the treatment themselves to drop me a comment, tweet or email. I’m a bit nervous so hearing from people would be a great help!

Back to the beauty posts tomorrow but I just wanted to let you guys know why my actual face might not be appearing in photos anytime soon.