July Favourites and a Maintenance Day

Hey Girls!


How are you all doing this lovely sunny day? I for one am glorying in being able to laze about for the day before going to work. However I am also having to have what I call a ‘Maintenance Day’. Basically when I come home from the boys every few days I have to do all the beauty stuff that I can’t do there! So today this includes doing my fake tan routine (post on this coming up), redoing my nails, deep hair conditioning, waxing and tweezing! Generally making myself beautiful for him again! He refuses to have all my stuff in his flat because I’ve taken over his dressing table already and he hates the smell of fake tan sheets…


Combined with the lovely weather and the good company I’ve been put in a very good modd and have finally be able to take some pictures to post for you all! So without further ado, here’s some of the things I’ve been loving this month.


Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Night Cream: Origins Spot Remover: Vaseline (Cocoa): OPI Skull and Glossbones and Mermaids Tears: Tweezermans: Sleek Barely There: Mac Hue (not pictured): Elemis Pro-Radiance Cleanser: Xen Tan Dark Lotion.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Night Cream:


I got this a part of a set which also comes with the day cream and I love them both. This cream is intensely hydrating and you only need the smallest dollop to make you skin baby soft. Plus I know some people hate it, but I love the smell! Reminds me of the beach and the sea. Expensive but worth it in my opinion.


Elemis Pro-Radiance Cleanser:

Now usually  Cleanse and Polish devotee, and don’t misunderstand I still love the stuff and use it occasionally, but this Elemis cleanser has knocked it off the top spot. This product leaves my skin unbelievably soft! As in baby soft, whilst at the same time doing a fantastic job of removing all the grime from my skin. You apply the thick cream and leave it on for a minute before removing it with a cloth (you can even give youself a mini facial to work the product in) and boy does it work! Will be repurchasing this wonder for sure!

Origins Spot Remover:

I’ve been whacking this on every day and night because I’ve been having a horrific month skinwise! You would think I’d be growing out of it by now! I do credit this with helping clear up some of the painful spots quite fast. I think this actual one has been discontinued and they’ve brought in a super blemish remover: same packaging with blue writing I think.

Perfect tweezers! That’s all I can say. Holy Grail

OPI In Mermaids Tears and Skull and Glossbones:

I cannot even describe how much I love these colours! I want every other colour from the Pirates of the Carribean range as well. These are the only colours I have been wearing this month and I find both look so classy on the nails. The best way I can describe them is creamy. The only bugbear I have is the formula is a bit streaky and it takes 3 coats to get them properly opaque. Sort it out OPI!

Xen Tan Dark Lotion:

My favourite fake tan by far! Gives a gorgeous colour, doesn’t streak, fades well and a bottle lasts me a month and half using it at least once a week.


Cocoa :

Nom nom. Only way to describe this stuff. My lips have been drier than the Sahara so this stuff has been essential!


Sleek Barely There:

This is a new purchase because my Superdrug has taken an age to get stocked up with Sleek stuff! It is the perfect nude, very much a MLBB colour, and I enjoy the formula and the sheen on it.

Mac Hue:

My lipstick and product of the month by far. Sorry it isn’t in the original photo, I thought I hadn’t put it in my bag coming home! Silly me. After seeing this on blog I knew it had to be mine! It’s the perfect peachy pink nude and I’m loving the formula. Good wear and lovely smell – who could complain! I’ve been really getting into my lip products the last few months and this has been my go to for most of that!

What have been your products of the month? Any recommendations for me?