SBC Collagen Moisturizing And Nourishing Creme Shower Gel  

Hey Ladies!


A quick review for you today of a product that I have been testing out for the past few weeks in my shower routine. SBC is a brand that usually flies under the radar, but I know my mum and a lot of ladies in their 40’s enjoy the range, and that QVC tends to do a good trade in it. They do a lot of products focused on collagen (though no-one will ever knock Elemis in that category for me) and I was send this shower gel, with passion fruit and kukai seed oils to try.


This product is aimed at dry, dehydrated and mature skin types, and it meant to leave you as moisturised as if you had whacked on a body lotion by the time you come out of the shower.




I like this stuff, it gives a good lather, it smells nice but not overpowering and it doesn’t leave a film on the skin. In terms of hydration, I would say that it is more hydrating than your average shower gel, so if you’re in a rush in the morning you could probably skip a moisturiser. However, I wouldn’t say it replaces the moisture I like to get from a lotion and I do enjoy slapping on my cream after a night time shower!


Overall, a nice products and one I enjoy using, it’s just not so super special that I would choose to buy it over anything else! There are luxury ones I want to try, and also drugstore ones I think can do exactly the same thing.