The Perfect Pair – Contour

Hey Ladies,

I’m back and all in one piece! Although considering I almost didn’t get there and back due to the snow I’m gonna consider myself a lucky girl – my friend didn’t get back until 5 in the morning!

Today I want to talk about a pairing that I’ve been loving in my make-up routine for the last few weeks. Like most girls, I would ideally have modelesque cheekbones that popped without any help. Now, I’m lucky enough to have quite high cheekbones, but not high enough that they don’t need a little help.

This is where MAC Harmony blush and the Real Techniques Blush brush come in handy. MAC describes Harmony as a ‘muted rose-beige brown’ and I think this is probably quite accurate. I could never use this as a blush, it’s way too dark, but it’s very good as a contour. Thank you to all the makeup artists  who recommended it to me. The slightly pink tone stops it from being too orange and too muddy. My detailed review of the RT brush can be found here and I would highly recommend it for contour. This is the perfect pairing in my opinion because the RT brush can be used to apply the contour quite precisely whilst buffing out the edges at the same – voila! Natural contour and two jobs done in one. I love this for a day look because Harmony is a very soft colour that blend well and which can be built up to create the desired effect.

So there we are, my daytime contour pairing, though I would accept all recommendations for more contour powders! It’s the bane of my life I missed out on the taupe/grey Chanel powder!

MAC Harmony retails for 17.50 and can be found here, and Real Techniques brushes can be found online, but I like to purchase mine from Boots where the Blush brush retails for 9.99.

What do you think about contouring? What do you use?