Excellent Customer Service – Guerlain


Hey girls,

I don’t know about you guys but sometimes the thought of going into a department store and asking for help at the beauty counters terrifies me! There’s something intimidating about all the day-glo, black suited women standing behind the counters looking vaguely bored as you wander in their direction. In my experience (I’m looking at you Chanel!) the women behind the counters very often seem absolutely disinterested in giving you help in a kind informed way; all too often I’ve actually felt as though I’m interrupting their precious time by asking to be colour matched to a foundation.
Plus there is the added nightmare of makeup looking fabulous under the store lights then looking like you’ve been in a wotsit factory explosion in daylight. Yes Dior, I’m thinking of the time you made me bright orange!
So today when I ventured into Debenhams on my hunt for a new foundation it’s fair to say I wasn’t expecting much other than to sneak a few samples from the tester pots.
However, when I arrived at the Guerlain station (inspired by all the lovely reviews of the Lingere de Peau) I couldn’t have been more surprised by the lovely SA there. She took the time to listen to what I was looking for (full coverage, matte finish, heavy duty) and to give me some genuinely good advice. Added to this instead of merely taking off the foundation on my chin to colour match me, she did my whole face as well as my concealer, powder, contour and blush. All this combined with a lovely smile and friendly chat made me feel extremely comfortable in asking questions and for some samples. 

Overall this made what is usually a traumatic experience for me into something I enjoyed greatly because I felt I was really being listened to and my preferences taken into account; instead of just being used as a guinea pig to pile products on. Plus I came out looking natural and not tangoed. Well done Guerlain!


A couple of pictures of the foundation the SA recommended, Parure Extreme, which is a little more full coverage than the Lingere de Peau but has the same semi matte beautiful finish I love. I’m testing it out today to see how it holds up and will do a more detailed review later but so far I am impressed. I have dreadful skin: acne, discolouration, scars, you name it I have it, so I’m very pleased with the full coverage of this foundation.

Have any of you guys tried Parure Extreme? Or any other recommendations for a full coverage, matte finish foundation?