Winter Saviours For Dry Lips

How are we all this Monday? I’m trying to start off the week strong, so fingers crossed for some productivity today!


Now, it is bitterly cold in Scotland at the moment (standard) even though the weather is quite nice and you all know my lips are convinced they live in the Sahara, ergo, the weather is now killing my lips. Sore, dry and messy would about sum them up!


I have my old favourites, notably the Blistex Intensive Rescue, which I’d usually turn to in the horrible chapped lip state of affairs, but lately I’ve picked up two new balms which have become little saviours in my lip care routine.


First up is the Balmi Lip Balm, which although it is a blatant rip off of the EOS balms (if anyone has some they fancy sending me…) is very cute with its square packaging and its cute triangle shaped balm. I have the raspberry flavour and it smells delicious! This little beauty has all sorts of lovely stuff including: SPF 15, vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter. It feels lovely and thick on the lips, like it’s coating them in a properly insulting layer of moisture. I find I can apply this once and be quite happy and comfortable for a good few hours without having to worry about my lips. This would make a great lip balm to keep by your beside for those of you who like to keep beauty bits beside you for the night and morning.

Blistex have my undying love for getting me through 6 months of Roaccutane. So when I discovered this new product on the shelves of Boots (is it sad I know it’s new by sight alone…) I gave a little squeal and promptly chucked it in my basket. This was a fantastic decision because this little beauty now live in my pocket and has shot straight up to the top ranks of ‘Extremely Hydrating Lipbalms That Rachel Loves.’ This stuff smells very fresh and has an almost minty taste, and is quite thick on the lips which I love. It has little beads of Aloe  Vera and Shea Butter which you can feel when you apply it, but which quickly dissolve to leave you lips feeling full and hydrated. Massive thumbs up for this stuff if you’re looking for a fresh, clear lipbalm.

Sunday Sum Up #21

Hey ladies!
Happy Sunday! It’s a beautiful day up here today in Scotland (for once) and I’m feeling good cause I’ve just finished my blogilates workout for today and am settling down to do some coursework research. Luckily I understand this coursework, and it’s for media, so it’s quite fun in its own way, unlike the marketing project from hell!
I’m quite chuffed with this week actually – 90% of the time things have gone my way. I’ve really gotten back on my healthy eating and fitness kick in a big way, and even though my knee is still injured, I feel motivated to do good things for my body in a way I haven’t for a long time. Making good choices has been quite easy and I’ve not felt bad turning down bad stuff to eat etc. I’ve also made exercise a priority rather than a ‘would like to’ in my schedule this week, and as a result I’ve done 6 good workouts and am feeling much better for it. Working out in the morning always sets me up for the day, and because it gets it out of the way it means I feel less bad if I want to relax at night , if that makes sense?
I’ve also managed to get some good Uni work done and I feel like I’m on track to meet my October deadlines, which is always a massive chillout exercise, and I feel like I’m planning my time well.
The only bad thing that happened this week was that I was nearly in a pile up on the motorway, and got a parking ticket on the same day! Note to everyone: lorries are to be feared, especially when they’re being driven by stupid people. However, we will scrub Tuesday from the record as I’ve had a relatively good week!
1. Most importantly, to commit to a healthy eating and exercise regime again. Getting out of the habit sucks and I’m really beginning to see it on my body! Yikes!  I have to give myself a massive pat on the back. I’ve really committed this week and I’ve forgotten how good it makes me feel to be making healthy choices for my body. I’ve been sticking to 3 meals a day with healthy snacks only, and been committing to my exercise regime, and I feel awesome for it.
2. Make some plans to catch up with old friends. When you leave Uni it is so hard to keep in touch with people and I’ve been terrible at it so far. I really want to get in touch with some people and organise drinks and xmas meals and the likes. I am slowly but surely putting plans together to see people, including my best friend who I haven’t seen since June! I’m literally so excited to see her and give her a massive hug!
3. Make a decent head start on my coursework so I can carry out above plans! Doing not to bad on this. If I get my little head down today I should be on track for some relaxed hand ins.
4. Make decent lunches to take into Uni everyday so my blood pressure doesn’t crash through the floor when I am driving home. I failed a little on this one, but only because I was late and literally had to run out of the door to my car!
5. Wear my jewellery more! It’s very underloved at the moment so I feel like I need to change it up. Urgh, must try harder! I did manage to wear some old pieces, but there are a lot more in there still to be loved.
1. Finish off my first drafts of my coursework so that I can relax.
2. Have some quality daddy-daughter time where we can chill and make fun family plans.
3. Finalize plans to see friends.
4. Have a pamper night where I actually make an effort to put some masks on my skin and hair and treat my body to some Elemis oil!
5. Take some more OOTD for the blog – gotta inject the fashion back into this!
I might have a slight obsession with Jaime Campbell Bower (who acted in Twilight, Harry Potter and the Mortal Instruments) and his voice at the moment. He has such a sexy, fun and chilled out voice. I urge you to give him a listen if you’re looking for some new music!
The boy and I have been obsessed with Fringe, the paranormal, FBI crime-fighting drama at the moment. We had a marathon yesterday and watched like 10 episodes. Whoops…
Hope you are all having a good weekend!

Summer may be over, but with Christmas Party Season fast approaching the imminent prospect of getting out legs out is enough to put the fear into most women! Fear not though, I have a range of tanning reviews coming up for you and I thought that I would start with this impressive little number – Sunjunkie’s Instant Tanning Mousse.

I was sent this a while ago but only just got round to trialling it last week, and I have to say I quite like it. Nothing is ever going to match up to how much I love my Xen Tan Dark Lotion, but this little budget number is very good!

First off, it applies in a mousse form, so you need to be careful when deploying it from the packaging as it will expand rapidly! It goes on well, though it is a little drier feeling on the skin than any other tan I have used, but doesn’t have a very obvious guide colour so keep an eye on what you’re doing! I slept on it and, major plus point, it didn’t get any residue on my sheets at all.


I woke up in the morning to a lovely even looking tan, even on problem areas like my feet and hands, and was impressed by the distinct lack of orange tone or streaks on any areas I usually screw up with my slap happy application. What I really enjoyed about this tan was that it keep it’s depth of colour when I showered, something that most tans can’t seem to do on my skin for some reason. It was a lovely mid-brown colour, enough to make me look healthy, but not too dark to make me look obviously fake tanned.

I found this tan lasted about 5 days on me, and most importantly, faded relatively evenly with a distinct lack of patchiness! It does have that fake tan smell, but as I’m yet to meet a fake tan that doesn’t I suppose it can’t be helped.

Sunjunkie are a very professional brand who also do a lot of spray tan stuff as well as this self tanning side, so I’d recommend having a nosey around their website.

Overall, a thumbs up from me, and I will definitely be using this for some of my Christmas night occasions!


What’s your favourite fake tan?

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