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Hi girls,

Today holds a brush post because all too often our tools get overlooked in favour of our products, and they’re just as important! Not sure I could do a smokey eye with my fingers…I have quite a collection of brushes but I thought I’d focus on my Real Technique ones today because they are good value for money and brilliant for people starting up a brush collection. They are designed by the lovely Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo, who if you don’t watch (even though you probably do!) I would highly recommend you go subscribe to their youtube channel and blog. They are absolutely fantastic makeup artists and hilarious to boot.

The brush range is really reasonably priced compared to brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown, and whilst I am a bit meh about some of the brushes, there are some that are stand out fantastic.

The Base Shadow Brush is part of the Core Collection and is a great general all rounder for shadow. It’s slightly tapered at the top and is very soft so it’s perfect for blending out harsh lines or doing quite precise crease work. I mostly use it when I’m just using one shadow, it works like a dream for building up washes of colour until you get the intensity you want. It blends as it goes so does all the work for you. Wha-la, 1 minute eye sorted.

The Expert Face Brush can be bought by itself and is a multitask face brush. You can use it to buff in foundation, but I would only recommend this if you have a fair bit of time to work it in – it’s very easy to look cakey otherwise. Because it has a long, compact shape you can also use it to buff in highlighter and blush. I quite like using it for blush because you can be very precise in your placement.

The Blush Brush can be bought by itself and is easily the favourite brush I own. The shape of it, quite big and fluffy but tapered make it absolutely perfect for blush and contour. I put my contour powder on the tip of the brush, then work it into my cheekbones, and because I’ve been so precise the contour powder is effortlessly buffed in by the fatter part of the brush. Amazing. If you are going to buy one brush I’d recommend this one.

The Stippling Brush is also a stand alone. It’s great if you want a light covering of foundation and don’t mind buffing for a while. As it’s quite small it’s also great for cream products and I tend to use it for cream blush, contour and highlight. Solid all rounder.

The Deluxe Crease Brush is part of the Core Collection and I use it for concealer. It’s extremely dense and has a domed head so it useful for working face products into the skin. My only gripe with this is that it sucks up a ton of product and needs to be cleaned all the time to keep working well.

All single brushes are about 10 and the Core Collection (5 brushes) is around 20. Great quality for money, easily cleaned synthetic brush hairs, bright colours and a fun design that lets them stand up by themselves. These brushes are mostly multi purpose which only adds to their value in my opinion. I’d highly recommend this range if you’re looking to start, or add to, your collection.

What brushes do I need in my life? Any more RT recommendations?

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