Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Foundation Review

 Phew that’s a hell of a long title! Sorry for the stock picture guys but I left my camera at my uni flat and can’t take any picture! However, a few people have asked me multiple times for this review so I though I’d add my two cents in since this product seems to have become very popular in the last little while!

I bought this at the start of December  so have had a good while to test drive it. The general verdict: I love it. However, I think this product will only suit certain people’s skin and there are probably some people who can skip it all together.

A little background on my skin – if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know I suffer quite severe acne. Well over the years this has meant I’ve acquired some quite impressive, very visible and hard to conceal scars on my face, mainly on my chin and round my mouth area. At any given time I usually have a breakout in one of my problem areas so I always have spots and redness to deal with, though I must admit my clarisonic is doing a good job on these. In a nutshell, I have awful skin and I think this is why this product works so well for me as a foundation. I think if you have fairly good skin, using this as a foundation would be far too much for you, and you’d be better off using it as a concealer – which it would be excellent for.

On to the main body of the review:


When you first pump this out the tube it feels quite thick on your skin. However, when you begin to blend (I use the sigma F80) you can feel the texture change almost immediately to something that feels light and non-cakey on the skin. It is easy to blend in because of this, but it does set fast so I’d advise doing one area of your face at a time and blend blend blend! I find because it changes to a lighter texture upon application it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing makeup on your skin, which I was half expecting to feel like I must admit!


This isn’t camouflage makeup for nothing! As I said, I have awful skin, and this product has been nothing less than a godsend. It covers everything! When I’ve finished I have a perfectly even skin tone with no redness and little scarring visible. It even covers the really deep scars I have on my upper lip, which usually I have to apply a fair whack of concealer on even after foundation. It is definitely full coverage.


I find on me this is quite matter, which suits me because I hate glowy foundations! However, I will say this is not one of those foundations to use if you want to rock the barely there or no-makeup makeup looks. Yes it will look like you are wearing something, not in a bad way, just because it evens out your skintone to such an extent and is such a full coverage foundation. You’ll look like you have a really really good foundation. You can look a bit doll like if you aren’t careful. I don’t have a problem with this but I know some people might so it is worth thinking about before you buy.

Lasting Power:

This lasts all day/night on me without budging. I rarely need to powder and it never ever goes patchy. 10/10 for this.


I personally think this packing is beautiful. I love the royal blue colour and the sleekness of it. Usually I prefer my foundations with a pump but to be honest it’s super easy to squeeze out the amount you want! Although it looks like you get less than other foundation, you actually get the usual 30ml.

I thought I’d throw in some photos for anyone who cares wants a look at the product in action. Bear in mind I’m having major breakouts in both these photos. Sorry for the posey-ness! I haven’t gotten the rest of the ones from New Year yet!

It retails for around 26.50 and can be found here.

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any more foundation recommendations for me!

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