Xen Tan Dark Lotion Review

Hey girls,

Here is my promised review of the Xen Tan Dark Lotion, aka my current favourite tanner!

Xen Tan States:


Dark Lotion gives you a rich, natural olive tan that looks great for up to 10 days. Easy to apply, it goes on evenly, smells delicious and instantly creates a gorgeous streak-free finish you’ll love.



Packed with rich moisturisers and premium ingredients, Dark Lotion glides onto skin and leaves it feeling nourished and silky smooth. Enriched with coconut and walnut oils, it helps you achieve a stunningly natural olive tan that’s exceptionally longwearing. And to make sure you enjoy a beautifully balanced result, it doesn’t gather at the ankles or elbows, and fades evenly.



With Xen-Tan, you’re in complete control and the depth of colour is up to you. Simply apply a thin coat for a lighter tan, or apply a second layer for a deeper olive finish.



Easy to use thanks to the handy pump dispenser, each bottle of Xen-Tan Dark Lotion gives an average of 6-7 full face and body tans. 


I think:


Xen Tan make a lot of bold claims here and to give them their due they manage to live up to most of them.


Application: Goes on smoothly and evenly and most importantly for me doesn’t streak! Smells like marzipan when It first goes on (not my favourite but I can live with it) but you always get that traditional biscuit smell after a while as the DHA releases. Still the smell isn’t as bad as half the tans I’ve tried – yes you St Mortiz, yuck! The added ingredients do make this a pleasure to apply and my skin always feels nice and hydrated afterwards.




Wear: The prodcut lives up to the claims that you can build the colour up. Being a tan junkie I tend to put on two coats, this turns me a lovely olive hue, no hint of orange in sight. As for the wear, my personal preference is to be quite dark so I usually apply every 5 days, however if you moisturise regularly this tan can last evenly for a week. An added bonus is the fact it fades evenly, so no tell tale patches. The only reason I have build up round my ankles is because I use it so often and am awful at scrubbing it all off!




Value for money: Xen Tan states you should get 6 – 7 full body applications from this bottle but in my experience you tend to get more. I had a bottle for a month and a half, faithfully applying every 5 days, and I still had a little left in the bottle when I bought a new one. Bearing in mind I use two coats all over my body I could easily get 10 applications for this. Major value for money, especially when you buy from www.feelunique.com, where a bottle only cost 17.99. Bargain.




Overall verdict: I’ll give this a big thumbs up and will be repurchasing for the end of summer without a doubt. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a long lasting, olive tan.


Naked skin with tan scrubbed off






One light coat to give a summer glow

 I’m off to get a Fak Bake spray tan tomorrow so will post up pictures then and let you all see. I’ve heard good things about Fake Bake and it’ll be nice to have someone else do my tan for once!


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