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 Hey Girlies!

How lucky are we? Yet another glorious day weather-wise. Taking advantage by lazing about and being useless at the moment! I thought I’d pop up a quick post of my favourite lip products at the moment. Please forgive them practically all being lipsticks – I’m going through a phase! After looking at the pictures I can clearly see I’m a nude lips sorta girl, as much as I would like to wear bright lips all the time! Might be brave and wear something I can pair with bright lips tonight!
From left to right we have: Sleek Barely There, MAC Hue, YSL Rouge Volupte, MAC Vega Volt, 17 Beehive and right in the front is the Rosy Lips Vaseline
I mentioned both Barely There and Hue in my last favourites post so pop over to that one to see a detailed review!
YSL Rouge Volupte in 1 (Nude Beige) is without a doubt my favourite lipstick in my collection. I know there is divided opinion on this in the blogging world because of the staying power (usually about two hours) but to be honest it doesn’t bother me because I’m always reapplying my lipstick every hour anyway! Plus getting this baby out in all its glory is nothing but a pleasure.
I always get a little thrill when I pull the weighty gold packaging from my bag. The colour is stunning; it’s a nude pink thats more pinky than the other nudes in my collection. On me it wears lighter than my actual lip shade which I don’t mind at all because I tend to pair this with smokey eyes to balance out the look. The texture is lovely and moisturising and gives the sort of glossy sheen I love: I am a total hater of matte lipsticks.
 Mac Vegas Volt was something I picked up on a complete whim in the airport on the way to Rome and I’m so glad I did! It is a beautiful bright coral that manages to be just wearable enough for day as well as night. The formula is an amplified cremesheen which means this lipsticks applies nice and smoothly on my lips and lasts an average of 4 hours if I’m not eating or drinking. I love wearing it with very neutral eyes and a neutral outfit to divert all attention to my lips. Perfect summer shade and will be coming on holiday with me for sure.
17 Beehive is my most wearable day to day nude pink. It leaves hint of pink very close to Hue but with a more glosslike finish. I really dislike the packaging but for the price I don’t mind so much because the actual product is gorgeous. Feels soft as butter on your lips and averages about 2 hours wear on me.
Rosy Lips Vaseline: Vaseline is my favorite brand when it comes to lip care. I’ve yet to find anything that bests them in leaving my lips lovely and soft. This version has rose and almond oil in it which make my lips feel nourished whilst at the same time giving them a soft pinky sheen. This actually is excellent over matter lipsticks to give them a sheen if you can’t be faffed with using a gloss.

Sleek Barely There, MAC Hue, YSL Rouge Volupte, MAC Vega Volt, 17 Beehive and right in the front is the Rosy Lips Vaseline


Aren’t they all gorgeous! What lip products are rocking your world for summer?

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